It’s hard to appreciate what we have in front of us sometimes. In an effort to cast out anyone who could possibly ever break our hearts again, sometimes we push away the nice guy who just wants to take care of us, rub our feet and pretend to like our favorite shows. That nice guy is not the fit but bespectacled kindergarten teacher down the hall, no. That guy is dietary fiber.

Kick Carbs to the Curb

To say there’s a no-carb trend in the health food culture would be like saying computers are of a rising importance in our society. You should say it out loud and as much as possible so that everyone thinks you’re really cutting edge. However, the general awareness that completely cutting out carbs is more destructive than it is beneficial is still a bit slow to catch on. Like your friends and co-workers.

Carb-restricting is often a means of reducing sugar intake. People limit or entirely rid themselves of carbs in an effort to enter a state known as ketosis, in which a diminished carb-intake leads the body into a state of fat-burning. However as solutions go, it’s a great deal like performing surgery with a broadsword. While you may quickly find yourself reducing the sugar build-up in your blood stream, you’re also going to be dreadfully low on fiber. And, yes! That’s a problem!

If we’re neglecting our necessary intake of dietary fibers, what’s the point of trying to eat better? The goal of proper nutrition is to be well-rounded. For many people who are already monitoring their nutrition, it may feel easier to simply remove carbohydrates all together. After all, the recommendation that consumers look at a nutrition label, subtract the fiber grams from the total carbs to know how many carbohydrates they’ll really be subjecting themselves to is hard. Suddenly there’s math involved with eating well? It’s easier to just not eat any carbs and deal with the consequences to your health!

Or You Can Just Take Fiber Pills

Foods with dietary fiber are one of those things that should be considered as essential as getting enough protein or Vitamin C. However, if you’re one of those people who feel well-planned meals are for those who only work part-time, finding a good supplement will be the next step towards happiness for you. A proper fiber intake from supplements like Liberra allows you to feel full longer than you would otherwise. It is digested very slowly, if at all. It may even encase other food items within the stomach, passing them undigested through your intestines.

Everyone has their strategy when it comes to weight loss and fitness. Reassessing your carb-intake is not a bad one. In fact, it can be a very effective way to get results, if only a temporary one. However, it’s more important to be carb-conscious than carb-restrictive. Often you can get ideal results just by cutting out the largest offenders while still making room on your plate for smaller carbs like corn. These smaller sources provide fiber while helping to tame intense the intense carb-cravings. Receiving your dietary fiber per day is essential and not at all a concept at odds ketosis. After all ketosis should be unaffected considering that fiber doesn’t enter the blood stream and does not affect your bio-chemistry.

So fall in love with dietary fiber if you want to pursue happiness in your eating. It’ll help fill you up and keep you feeling content.