Glucomannan, Konjac

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Libbera’s main-ingredient isn’t simply all-natural, it’s one of the most studied weight-loss ingredients in America. Glucomannan, taken from the root of the Konjac, has been used in Japan and throughout Southeast Asia for nearly 1,500 years. Though it had a medicinal reputation in China, it was used for royal cuisine in Japan until the modern era. It’s nature as a water-soluble fiber allowed it to gently expand when consumed. Combined with the fact that glucomannan has almost no calories, it has often been used in shirataki, a noodle that allowed for an unbeatable feeling of fullness.

Today, Libbera uses its proprietary glucomannan blend as it’s central ingredient, allowing it to expand gently and safely in your stomach without any bloating or discomfort. What this does is allows you to feel full and eat less. That’s how you’re able to lose weight so quickly without needing to modify how you eat or exercise. Today, Libbera’s blend has been proven to support healthy blood sugar and encourage good cholesterol, in addition to promoting bowel health, such as combatting constipation and improving regularity.

With no stimulants and no known harmful side-effects, Libbera is a lifestyle supplement that enables you not only to lose weight, but live life more comfortably and with well-rounded benefits. †*



soy free

Libbera is free of all soy aller-gens.


gluten free

A fiber derived without wheat, Libbera is safe and ideal for those with gluten-intolerance and Celiac’s disease.

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non gmo

Libbera has no genetically modified or altered ingredients.


100% natural

Libbera is made of 100% natural ingredients.

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